Propel is a tutoring and college admissions consultancy based in Houston. Beyond acceptance, our goal is also to build self-understanding and communication skills so that students will be more prepared for college and their careers.

Our founder is a graduate of Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Stanford University. During college he worked in the Penn Admissions office giving tours, conducting presentations, and answering questions about the application process; he later served as an alumni interviewer. With perfect scores on the GRE Verbal (800) and Writing Assessments (6.0), he has a passion for using his writing skills to help students tell compelling stories. As the founder of Propel Consulting, he takes a personalized approach to college admissions, showcasing each student's unique skills and experiences. 

We hope to take the stress and mystery out of the college application process and aim to build long-term relationships with students by helping them find authentic voices. To this end, we closely work with students and their families to help them make informed, data-based decisions to find colleges that will meet their goals. We have also helped students receive acceptances to several top law schools (see below), as well as masters and PhD programs in business, psychology, communication, and sports management. 

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Whether your goal is the Ivy League or a local school, we work to help students find the ideal college fit. Services Include: 

School / Round Selection
We will help you pick schools that are a good fit for your background, remind you of upcoming deadlines and strategize early action/decision options, and help you stay on top of your applications.

Essay/Video Essay Crafting
It can be hard to write about your experiences and development. We'll help you brainstorm topics and stories, then polish your writing to help you craft
a memorable essay. If your college has a video essay component, we'll discuss
how to convey your elevator pitch visually.

Resume/LinkedIn Editing
Creating a clear, professional resume and LinkedIn profile that matches the
message you want to send to the admissions committee.

Letter of Recommendation Strategy
Recommendations are an important part of your application, and we will help you give detailed pointers to your recommenders so that their letters shine.

Application Review
Comprehensive review before pressing send. 

Interview Preparation and Mock Interview
College interviews can be nerve-wracking. We'll craft the best stories to tell, and extensive mock interviews will give you the practice and polish needed to be at your best in the interview room.

Waitlist Strategy
Agonizing over a waitlist is nobody's idea of an enjoyable summer, but we can help get your application from the "maybe" pile into the "yes" pile.